Sea Shepherd “ADY GIL”

The Stealth like “Ady Gil” trimaran was unfortunately sunk by Japanese whalers.  At 2 million$ that is a great loss for all of us as they patrol the seas.  The vessel is just incredible.
A ton of bullet-proof kevlar…Described as a ‘wave piercer’ which can submarine up to 23 feet underwater, the craft completed the round-the-world trip using 100 per cent renewable biodiesel fuel, with a net zero carbon footprint.
The 24,000 nautical mile journey took just 60 days, 23 hours and 49 minutes, smashing the previous record by over two weeks!
If I had the money, I would probably invest in one (as a sort of panic room for the apocalypse…)
Sea Shepherd Society vessel the Ady Gil Sea Shepherd Society vessel the Ady Gil

The underside of the boat is armed with two giant propellers