Arrivederci YSL: Stefano Pilati’s Last Collection

Although I’m not one to post fashion shows (as there are many other sources) I thought it was fitting to show Stefano Pilati’s last show before the return of Hedi Slimane to YSL (albeit for the first time for women).
The show is IMMACULATE and definitely the best from the house under his watch. From the stunning makeup to the sinuous chainmail dresses and vertiginous metallic heel shoes. It’ll be interesting to see how this is topped next season…

Chain mail dress_YSL F/W 2012

Alexandra Pacula: Nightcrawling

Alexandra Pacula is a Polish born NYC artist and is a winner of the Saatchi showdown 2008.
“I suggest motion in order to slow down the scene and capture the fleeting moments, which tend to be forgotten,” Alexandra Pacula says. “By interpreting lights in graphic or painterly ways, I create a sense of space, alluding to a hallucinogenic experience. I want the viewer’s eye to travel within my composition and experience a familiar exhilarating event of an actual nightly excursion.”
“I am fascinated by the ambiance of the city at night and its seductive qualities. The breathtaking turbulence of speeding vehicles and hasty pedestrians evoke feelings of wonder and disorientation. The vibrant lights become a magical landscape with enticing opportunities and promises of fulfillment.”
Getting lost in these intoxicating visuals is a pleasure…

Le Nouveau Parfum: Swallowable Perfume

As if taking a scene from the beautiful French film, “Le Parfum” and reeling it into the 21st Century, a new chapter unfolds.
Introducing, SWALLOWABLE PARFUM, a innovative solution that permits the user to swallow a capsule and produce a fragrance that is generated from WITHIN.

Lucy McRae and synthetic biologist Sheref Mansy from Amsterdam, have produced a capsule with synthetic fragrant lipids that mimic the structure of the fat molecule found in the body, this when those lipids get metabolized by the body’s enzymes, fragrant molecules are released and excreted through the skin’s surface through perspiration. The skin acts like an atomizer for the fragrance and the resulting scent is determined by the individual: current temperature, stress, exercise or sexual arousal. Have a glimpse below:

SWALLOWABLE PARFUM® from Lucy McRae on Vimeo.


I Can See Right Through You: Transparency S/S2012

As the macrotrend culture of transparency evolves around us like Wikileaks, Facebook revelations, reality TV, it is only inevitable that fashion should reflect that ideal. Although sheer looks have been around forever, it has not had general acceptance off the beach. A perfectly suitable place are accessories like these little gems for the coming year.

Daphne Guiness: Life as Stage…F.I.T. Exhibit

The Honorable Daphne Suzanne Diana Joan Guinness was born in 1967, the daughter of brewery heir, Jonathan Guinness, Lord Moyne, and French beauty, Suzanne Lisney. Her paternal grandmother was Diana Mitford, one of the legendary Mitford sisters. In 1987, at the age of nineteen, Daphne married Spyros Niarchos. After her divorce in 1999, Daphne resumed her maiden name, and over the past decade has emerged on the world’s stage an extraordinary fashion creature.
If anyone has the ultimate wardrobe, it is Ms. Guiness. She obtained ALL of Isabella Blow’s pieces and also has pieces by the late, great Alexander McQueen. The high priestess of high (very high) fashion.
Daphne Guinness
Special Exhibitions Gallery
September 16 through January 7, 2012


Last night we experienced the launch of HOUSE OF ORGANZA where designer Lyall Hakaraia and stylist Kim Howells have joined forces to lead London’s most fabulous fashion pack to take the canvas of the white organza and create a unique piece in their own discipline. The diaphanous material was going to briefly adorn the actual structure of Vogue Fabrics itself had it not been for the charming weather London is experiencing but the halls of Vogue Fabric in Dalston, where the House of Organza is based, are covered with the fabric instead.

The Designers included in the collaboration are…

On the link between fashion and architecture, Hakaraia says “Fashion and architecture have a great deal in common – fashion can often be ephemeral and superficial, using soft, fluid materials; whereas architecture is considered monumental and permanent, using strong, rigid materials. Regardless of difference in size, scale and materials, the point of origin for both fashion design and architecture is the human body, both practices protect and shelter us, while providing a means to express our identities whether personal, political, religious or cultural.”

The pieces made by the designers for House of Organza were shot by Mari Sarai and styled by Kim Howells and will form the basis of the exhibition that is open at Vogue Fabric, 66 Stoke Newington Road, London, N16 7XB. A short fashion film also accompanies this exhibition directed by the talented duo – Dylan Byrne and Ben Strebel of Bogstandard and Dazed Digital are exclusively showing it here.

HOUSE OF ORGANZA is situated at 66 Stoke Newington Road, London, N16 7XB until Sunday 6pm


Text by Susie Bubble
The new generation of knitwear upstarts hasn’t quite spread in New York as it has done this side of the Atlantic, but one designer who has been quietly paving his way through collections that seek to inject the unexpected as well as functionality is Tom Scott. Having studied textiles in Philadelphia, this knitwear designer’s presentations always make for memorable fashion fodder, exemplified by last season, where he recreated his version of ‘home’ (his S/S 10 collection is called ‘Home is Where the Heart Is’) at the Chelsea hotel. Models ‘lounged’ about in different domestic situations, in loose knitwear adorned with reconfigurations of bed ruffles, hair nets, air vents and curtains, that seemingly sets a new standard for home comfort attire. Scott has also just recently opened his first store and studio on Clinton Street in New York and will be launching a separate collection of archived styles in new fabrics next year. We spoke to the American knitwear maverick about where home is for him and how he sees his own style of knit.

Dazed Digital: How do you feel the genre of knitwear has developed in recent seasons (as there have been so many emerging designers specializing in knitwear)?
Tom Scott: I hope to challenge the traditional craft of knitting, with concept, shape, and a sense of humour!

DD: How do you go about developing your ideas each season as you always come up with quite innovative ways of presenting?
Tom Scott: My ideas are a sort of stream of consciousness, one thought sort of melds into another, and are usually a collection of ideas that I’m thinking about at the time.

DD: Your pieces have also been exhibited in an art context?  Do you purposely blur the boundaries between fashion and art in your collections?
Tom Scott: My background is in textiles so I have always approached my collections more conceptually, but to me clothing is not art. It’s something practical, not intellectual.  We recently opened a small shop and studio on Clinton Street and tried to create a gallery like atmosphere, a simple clean environment in which to work and sell the clothes in.

DD: Do you develop new techniques each season or do you focus more on shape and textures?
Tom Scott: I try every season to push the collection in a direction it hasn’t gone in before.  Some seasons are more about shapes, and some more about texture and technique. I drive my knitting factory crazy!

DD: Where is home for you (going from your collection title “Home is Where the Heart Is”) and did in any way inform the way you design?
Tom Scott: I recently moved for the first time in 10 years to a new apartment in the Lower East Side in NYC and was thinking a lot about the idea of home, so decided to base my spring/summer 2010 collection on the home. I spent a lot of time with my grandmother when I was a kid and thought a lot about her house and a lot of the funny things she has in it, so it was a sort of homage to her house in a way. We made pieces inspired by bed ruffles, sheer drapes, printed bed sheets, valance curtains, terry towels, etc.

Tom Scott now open on 55 Clinton Street, New York


RAW Natural Beauty put out a video to remind potential customers that women consume quite a bit of lipstick in their lifetimes. Seven pounds on average, in fact! or 933.33333333333 tubes.  Would you like some salad with that, madame?

RAW – Natural Beauty –