Beach+Howe: That’s mighty BIG

Copenhagen architects BIG has recently designed and begun ‘Beach + Howe’, a residential tower which will serve as a gateway structure to the downtown core of vancouver, Canada. Joining the skyline as the fourth tallest building, the site is traversed by the branching granville overpass. The plan will integrate high/low structures into the odd-shaped lots produced by the adjoining streets and the city building codes, mandating a minimum 30 meter clearance to the infrastructure.
A sliver base forms the nine storey podium which then vertically clears the road and traffic, widening into the 600 unit residential tower which hovers over the zone of pollution and noise while shopping, retail and working spaces are accessible via the public plaza which pedestrian traffic can circulate under the large concrete supports and as the internal floor area widens, views to the ocean and coastal mountains are displayed. All pictures courtesy of BIG Architects.

client: westbank projects corp.
location: vancouver, canada
size: 653,890 sf / 60,670 m2
collaborators: dialog, cobalt engineering, phillips farevaag smallenberg urban design, buro happold,
glotman simpson, james km cheng architects

partners-in-charge: bjarke ingels, thomas christoffersen
project leader: agustin perez-torres
team: julianne gola, marcella martinez, chris malcolm, karol borkowski, michael taylor, alina tamosiunaite,
david brown, tobias hjortdal, alexandra gustafson

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