Sexy Sushi: Tori-Tori

This is one of the winning entries for ARCH DAILY‘s building of the year 2011.
Taking the hotel/restaurant category, Rojkind Architects/Esrawe Studio have created something both contemporary and poetic, cool and calm. Considered one of the best Japanese restaurants in Mexico City, Tori-Tori had to move to a bigger location in the same area of Mexico City. All furniture was created exclusively as well.
Rojkind Arquitectos + Esrawe Studio
Location: Polanco, Mexico City
Project Team (Rojkind Arquitectos): Tere Levy, Agustín Pereyra, Raúl Araiza, Carlos Alberto Ríos, Isaac Smeke J., Enrique F. de la Barrera, Daniela Bustamante, Daniel Hernández
Project Team (ESRAWE Studio): Ricardo Casas, Basia Pineda, Ian Castillo, Karianne Rygh, Alejandra Castelao, Jorge Bracho, Alejandro Zárate, Marcela Muñoz, Edgar Sánchez, Rodrigo L. Franco
Construction Area: 629 sqm | Completion Date: 2011 | Photographer: Paúl Rivera

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