Norwegian Wood: SNØHETTA

An amazing monolith on the craggy plateau of a Norwegian landscape comes to us from the exceptional firm, Snøhetta Oslo/New York. They, of the National Opera House of Oslo fame, bring us a folly to gaze at the stark landscape and natural wildlife, wild reindeer. Set in the dovrefjell-sunndalsfjella national park, this 90m2 cube observatory has vistas over the Snøhetta mountain range. The 10 inch square beams were created with Norwegian shipbuilding techniques and made to resemble a natural rock formation with built-in benches. The exterior planks have a saturated pine tar treatment and blend in with the structure’s rusted steel frame. The opposite side reveals a dark mirrored glass front. A hanging chimney warms up the space. Stylish.
See more at: Snøhetta

images © klaas van ommeren
project info:
location: dorve, norway
floor area: 90sqm
project year: 2011
cost: 3.0 million NOK (norwegian krone)
architect: snøhetta
landscape architect: snøhetta
interior architect: snøhetta
project manager: knut bjørgum (landscape architect)
snøhetta team: kjetil t. thorsen, erik brett jacobsen, margit tidemand ruud, rune grasdal,
martin brunner (architects), heidi pettersvold (interior architect)
structural engrineer: dr.techn. kristoffer apeland as, trond gundersen
contractor: prebygg as
subcontractor (steel): lonbakken as
subcontractor (glass): skandinaviska glassystem ab
contractor (wood): djupevaag ship builders as

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